Training, Modalities & Testimonials

Understanding Your Loved Ones

Training Flowchart and Modalities

Cognitive Assessment

To identify specific targets,
E.g Memory, Attention, Speed of Processing, Language etc.

2 Month Training Program

A holistic multimodal program carefully created with several levels of difficulty and challenge, tailored to the different individual abilities.

Cognitive Re-Assessment

Helps to understand the specific progress of each participant and provides first hand proof of the impact of training for all of us.

Planning Forward

Based on the score, feedback (participant + family) and training observations, the trainer plans the way forward to maintain and improve the participants’ cognitive skills.

B. Neurofit’s 2 month training program

Guaranteed fun, laughter, learning, cognitive engagement, challenge, confidence boost and inner joy!

B. Neurofit's 2 month training program

Graph depicting the pre-post cognitive improvement of participants of the B. Neurofit training for a duration of 2 – 4 months

Score range on MOCA TEST Cognitive and functional levels
26 Above No Cognitive Impairment
18 – 26 MCI Mild Cognitive Impairment
11 – 17 Mild Cognitive Dysfunction
6 – 10 Moderate Cognitive Dysfunction
0 – 6 Severe Cognitive Dysfunction


The feedback of our participants, your family members, in terms of the improvements they observe in their day to day lives is essential to us at B. Neurofit

Mujhe yaad nahi rehta tha pehle, abhi suna fir bhul jati thi, par ab agar bhul bhi jau, toh yaad karne ke tarike atey hain aur yaad aa jata hai jaldi se!

My daughter used to say I look lost, but now she tells me that I don’t look lost anymore, she says I am more active and attentive now, jaldi samajh jati hu baat ko!

Mujhe words yaad nahi atey the kabhi kabhi, par ab main apne aap ko better express kar pati hu, words aaney mei pehle se zyada asaani hai!